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What makes TechShell certified cases special?

Get certified protection with TechShell Device cases are everywhere, and the options can seem endless. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and many make big promises when it comes to protection. With so many decorative options out there, it can be easy to forget that device cases are more than accessories. When accidents […]

Certify your device cases with TechShell

Take your mobile device cases to the next level of protection. How can you make your cases stand out amid a sea of options? Become TechShell certified! TechShell Authorized Partners can take protection to the next level with TechShell’s patented features and functionality, getting a leg up on the competition. Why infuse TechShell patented features […]

What is a TechShell Certification?

Setting the standard of excellence for protective cases. Why do we invest in cases for our laptops, tablets, and phones? The answer is simple. Accidents happen and we don’t want our devices damaged which can be costly and inconvenient. Unfortunately, we usually find out just how good the protective case is AFTER the mishap… which […]