Ready To Protect Your Laptops And Chromebooks?

Devices are prone to drops, punctures, and breakages. TechShell promises to provide you patented technology for protective cases to protect your investments.

Our Customers - Techshell
Our Customers - Techshell

Here’s Why You Need TechShell Certified Custom-Molded Cases For Your Devices:

  • Top and bottom covers for full protection
  • Multiple taps snap on to keep the covers in place
  • Allows for user to work on the device while the cover is in use

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Our Customers - Techshell

5 Patents

An exterior cover for a laptop computer having a display portion and a keyboard portion is disclosed.

The exterior cover includes a first rigid planar element for placement on an outside surface of the display portion.

Crafted With Precision, Fit For An Educational Laptop Or Chromebook Device

Laptops and Chromebooks for educational use are as important as the education itself. That is why TechShell provides a vast range of drop-tested, sleek, and reliable laptop cases, ideal for school usage from kindergarten all the way to graduation.

Our Customers - Techshell
Our Customers - Techshell

Custom-Made For Your Needs

Looking for the best case covers that promise high quality can be a tricky endeavor. That is why we, at TechShell, bring out revolutionary innovations in the production of protective cases for electronic devices.

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