Certify your device cases with TechShell

Take your mobile device cases to the next level of protection.

How can you make your cases stand out amid a sea of options? Become TechShell certified! TechShell Authorized Partners can take protection to the next level with TechShell’s patented features and functionality, getting a leg up on the competition.

Why infuse TechShell patented features into your cases?

First, you’ll cut down on R&D investments, saving both time and money. TechShell features have been extensively tested – and held to our high standard – so you can integrate them with confidence. Overall, you’ll accelerate your product development timeline and get units to market faster than ever.

Working with TechShell can also expand your reach. Help your company stand out in the industry with our consistent approach to defining the parameters of protective case standards.


By becoming a TechShell Authorized Partner, you’ll join our mission to revolutionize the device protection industry. Consumers and buyers have so many options to choose from, and it’s our goal to give them a uniform standard with which to compare. We want to make a difference, and we know our partners do, too.

TechShell was formed to be a global leader in innovative and patented technology. As TechShell sets the standard for drop protection, our partners instantly jump to the top of the industry, surpassing competitors with inferior protection, design, and materials.


Before TechShell, no unified standard existed to evaluate cases. To prove full transparency, a case manufacturer should be able to disclose the testing methods and parameters and have tests conducted at an independent facility. This standard set to criteria means that cases can be compared in a way that simply makes sense.

Having set parameters also allows TechShell to offer three different levels of certification: Extreme, Rugged and Basic. Unlike so-called “mil-spec” standards, TechShell always uses the same drop testing criteria:

  • Up to 5 devices.
  • Dropped 26 times.
  • At a standard distance (2, 4, or 6 feet).

These three levels acknowledge that every buyer, deployment and use case has different needs. While some may call for the highest level of drop protection, others might prefer lighter, less intensive protection.

To meet the standard of Basic Certification, up to 5 test devices must pass a 2-foot drop test 26 times. Rugged Certification ups the height of the test to 4 feet, and Extreme covers 26 6-foot drops. It’s important to drop devices multiple times to put maximum stress on the cases. Once they pass the TechShell test, manufacturers and consumers can be assured their cases will live up to their label.


These days, most schools and businesses offer devices. From remote schooling to job sites, devices must have protection in a variety of environments. TechShell’s patented features are designed just for these types of deployments. And because buyers can accurately compare products with three levels of certification, they can confidently choose the model that’s right for their fleet.


The value of working with TechShell goes way beyond the basics. Integrating proven and patented technology means less research and upfront costs when designing new products. And our reliable, reproducible standards set you apart in a crowded field. We’re setting the new standard for protection worldwide. Join us and let’s transform the industry together.



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