What is a TechShell Certification?

Setting the standard of excellence for protective cases.

Why do we invest in cases for our laptops, tablets, and phones? The answer is simple. Accidents happen and we don’t want our devices damaged which can be costly and inconvenient. Unfortunately, we usually find out just how good the protective case is AFTER the mishap… which is far too late to find out if your device is protected.


So how can you tell the quality just by looking at a product? Many cases on the market boldly claim to “meet MIL-STD 810” or military specs. That certainly sounds impressive, as one might imagine that a military would have high standards for durability and protection.

The truth is that no commercial organization or agency actually certifies compliance. In fact, there are no set standards for calling a device “mil-spec” approved. Any device can be labeled as “meeting military specs” without any drop or protective testing at all. Without that standard, there’s no way to compare cases objectively and choose the correct level of protection before drops and damage happen.


Each protective case manufacturer needs to be able to answer the following questions to prove their level of quality:

  • Which testing methods were used?
  • Which parameters are claimed?
  • Were the tests done at an independent facility?

A standardized set of criteria ensures that cases are compared fairly and accurately, with reproducible results. For example, if a case claims to protect against drops, it’s hard to know if they mean 2-foot drops or massive 6-foot drops. And that’s a big difference!

Without set standards, you won’t know what level of protection you purchased or how it will protect devices against drops.


TechShell was created to solve this problem and to bring standardized testing to the industry. A TechShell certification means that a case manufacturer can confidently answer all three questions above, guaranteeing that the performance promises made are honest and reliable. TechShell sets a standard that both consumers and manufacturers can rely on.

That’s why there are three levels: Extreme, Rugged, and Basic Certifications. Unlike so-called “mil-spec” standards, TechShell always uses the same drop testing criteria:

  • Up to 5 devices.
  • Dropped 26 times.
  • At a standard distance (2, 4, or 6 feet).

With each TechShell certification, you know EXACTLY what level protection the case passed.


TechShell holds five patents for protective, custom-molded cases, and this technology is used to create the best quality hard cases and covers for all devices in a full range of environments. While the toughest TechShell certified cases can withstand extreme circumstances, that extra level of protection isn’t needed in all situations.

Why do we drop devices 26 times? Well, as anyone who’s ever dropped a phone can tell you, sometimes you get lucky! Who hasn’t sighed with relief upon seeing an intact screen after a nasty fall? But repeated, measured drops ensure the device lands from all angles, putting cases to the ultimate test.


The highest rating, Extreme Certification, is designed for the toughest possible cases. They are tested to work on 6-foot drops while providing scratch resistance and the lowest damage rate. Because TechShell is also focused on performance in commercial environments, this rating is best suited for high-risk settings like construction sites and logistics.

Rugged Certified devices live up to their name, surviving 26 drops from 4-feet. And, of course, they help ensure scratch resistance and low damage rates. These cases are great for commuting students, younger students, and everyday drops and accidents.

Finally, Basic Certification, means that up to 5 test devices were used for the drop test at 2 feet, 26 times. These cases also provide scratch resistance. TechShell standards were created with the K-12 environment in mind, so this level might be best for devices that stay in the classroom overnight or older students who are less likely to drop devices.


Purchasing a fleet of devices for K-12 schools or businesses is a big investment. It’s important that devices work as well as possible for as long as possible, and protection plays a big part in that. With TechShell certifications, buyers know what they are investing in and can directly compare case models to find one that suits their needs.

Whether you need day-to-day reliability or extreme protection, there’s a TechShell Certified case that can do the job.



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