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Technology You
Can Rely On

Custom-fit molded cases intelligently designed for
businesses and K-12 schools.

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TechShell Certified Cases Guarantee
Maximum Device Protection

Going Beyond Military
Spec Standards

What does it take to be mil-spec approved? Nothing actually.
There are no set standards for a case to be called mil-spec
approved. At TechShell, we take case protection seriously,
which is why we created the TechShell Certification process
with rigorous drop testing.

Intelligently Designed
& Patented Hard Cases

Our patented designs were created specifically to provide
maximum protection against scratches, drops, and regular
wear and tear.

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Engineered Specifically for
K-12 Education Environments

Aside from maximum device protection from drops,
TechShell patents also undergo Sharp and Edge Point
Testing to protect students of all levels from harm. A
standard practice in the toy industry that’s not present in
Mil-spec standards.

What TechShell Standards Have That Mil-Spec Lacks

Safe To Use Hard
Cases For All Ages

TechShell standards add Sharp & Edge point testing in all of its cases to protect the users, especially children, from accidental cuts, scrapping, and penetration of the skin.

Passed Extreme
Temperature Tests

TechShell certified products are exposed to extreme temperatures from -13 to 143.6 degrees Fahrenheit during testing. We try to see if these products would have adverse effects when placed in extreme conditions. 

To ensure durable protection, we also conducted a drop test. 

TechShell Certified Has You Covered

TechShell's 4-Level Drop Test Certification
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Basic Certified

Basic Certification means that up to 5 test devices were used for the drop test at 2 feet for 26 times.

It covers minimal drop protection and scratch resistance. 

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Strong Certified

Rugged Certification covers reliable drop protection, scratch resistance with minimal damage rates. Up to 5 test devices were used for the drop test at 3 feet for 26 times.

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Rugged Certified

Rugged Certification covers good drop protection, scratch resistance with low damage rates. Up to 5 test devices were used for the drop test at 4 feet for 26 times.


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Extreme Certified

Extreme Certification covers extreme drop protection, scratch resistance, and the lowest damage rate. Up to 5 test devices were used for the drop test at 6 feet for 26 times. 

This is best for construction sites, logistics, and other environments where extreme protection is needed.

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